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Tuesday 03rd May, 2022

More developments to come in the next few weeks

** Our WebApp is up and running - why not download it on your mobile phone today?

Here is how to access this app.
Using your smart phone or tablet:
  1. From our website, click or tap “Register”
  2. Complete and submit the simple registration request (you will  need your NI number and you credit union account number)
  3. Wait for our office to approve your online access
  4. When you receive your confirmation email, click “login” and begin enjoying the convenience of online access to your savings and loans.
Please note that our software will route you to our webapp or online banking service, depending on what kind of device you are using. If you tap “register” or “login” on a smartphone or tablet, you will be taken to our webapp.
If you’d like detailed step-by-step instructions, click here
*Keep checking our website for more developments over the next few weeks*

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